The more we share, the more we have!


-Karl A. Menninger

If you are here, this could mean that you want to help me with my cause. Thank you! My work exists only because of reader support. Story of Describe is a free website and will always be free. Your generosity will go a long way. To prove it to you, allow me to share some of my objectives:


  • The main goal is to be able to make a living as a writer since I currently have no other means to support myself.
  • I want to keep improving, write about it and share my message with you.
  • A chunk of your support will be used to help my parents with their debt to the bank. Living in poverty forced them to make a loan that served as means to buy a home. This measure turned into an issue eventually, as it kept this family apart for too long. My mother has been working in a foreign country for 11 years now. I want to bring her back to us. My father is struggling with depression as he comes to a monthly conclusion that our money is not enough. These two people are my saints and I want to see them happy.
  • After everything settles, I’ll want to begin traveling the world. I am sure this will make me a better human being and I want to be the one that brings back the good news to everybody. In my travels, I will also search for the place where I will build a self-sustainable home. Everybody needs a place to live in, and I currently have none of my own.
  • The plan is to document the entire journey. My objective is to live up to my own definition of success and write about every single step I took in becoming my greatest version. I want my journal to be an inspiration to all the other human beings who want to do the same but they have that something holding them back. I know how hard it is to jump.

If you’d like to help me keep doing what I’m doing, there are five great ways:

1) Spread the word. A free way to keep my cause alive is to simply tell your friends about the blog and share my work on social media.

2) Make a small monthly pledge through Patreon. This service enables you to compensate me for my work. For as little as a dollar, you can make a big difference in my life. Your generosity will not remain unnoticed as I have some cool rewards for the ones that decide to help me. Click on the banner bellow to see my page:

3) Make a one-time donation through Paypal. If you want to support me but Patreon is not the best option for you, a normal donation is great too.

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4) Use my Elegant Themes affiliate linkIf you decide to follow my example and build a website of your own, I can point you in the right direction to get the perfect tools for your masterpiece. I found that Elegant Themes have the best offers out there and they are worth the investment.

NOTE: Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links.” This means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost. I only recommend things I have used and loved. Thank you for the support!

5) Subscribe to my e-mail list and push notifications. The best way for a blogger to establish a long-lasting readership is by keeping in touch with the people that enjoy his work. This way you are also absolved of the burden of having to remember to come back to the site again or guess when I’ll be posting something new. I promise I will treasure my email list and I will only send you a message each time I write something new. Also, rest assured that I will not share your information with anybody. Subscribe by filling the spaces below:

Thank you for supporting me! I love you!

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