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I hate to break it to you, but your dream job does not exist unless you create it. There is nobody out there that can offer you exactly what you want. This happens because nobody, except yourself, can truly define what happens inside of you. Nobody can tell what you like or dislike. This is why a premade job will never fit you like a glove. Complications will always arise if you choose to rely on others to give you what you want.

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10 things I learned after quitting my job and doing what I love

When people think about quitting their jobs they all have an idea about what it implies, but some things are just out of the mind’s reach. I am here to tell you that everything you ever imagined about yourself and about being free is ten times better then you could possibly think of. Life has a way of surprising those who dare to reach for the goodies. With this being said, here are the 10 things I learned ever since I quit my job.

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10 things to keep in mind if you decide to quit your job

Ever since I encourage people to quit their jobs, I had to face several problems. The number one being the fact that people don’t understand how to perform such a feat of courage. Most people believe that after they quit their jobs they need a lot of money saved up because they will have to continue with their lifestyle. This is what they don’t understand. You can’t continue living the way you did. If you chose to quit your job to follow a great idea that you had, this implies the fact that you must change your ways. You can’t be wasting money and time on things that will not make your dream come true. If you decide to give up the comfort of your job for a more unpredictable and adventurous life, you must be prepared.

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10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

I put this list together because I want to highlight the flaws behind the job concept. Many times these working places are just traps designed to suck the life out of you. I know this because I used to be employed in a place that I hated. If on the other hand, you are satisfied with your lifestyle, then I am glad for you. This article is only for the ones that are not happy in their jobs.

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