Sometimes I get confronted with a subject called "luck". People always say that certain individuals are benefiting from the amount of success they have because they got lucky. This term implies that somebody is subjected to success or failure apparently brought by...

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The 7 laws of The Universe

When it comes to laws, the majority of us think about restrictive rules that confine our freedom. We imagine that laws are something made by the human kind and are only found within books. What if I told you that there is a set of laws that has been here from the...

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The God paradox

When it comes to the things that make us human, I believe a great injustice is taking place on the planet right now. From the moment we are born and all the way through our lives we are told what to think and what to believe. We are grabbed from our cradles and...

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Diary entry: December 11, 2016 – The master chemist

Diary entry: December 11, 2016 – The master chemist

I believe that our bodily chemistry is the key to unlocking our full potential. By regulating our internal processes we can achieve a more balanced state of mind. The entire purpose of doing it is to find happiness from within. Also, by understanding how our body works, we can break all negative habits. This way we can take back our power and control over our lives.

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