Diary entry: November 12, 2016 – The purpose of life

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The last couple of days and my attempt to build a blog has brought up an important life philosophy. I understand now that everything in life should be simple, but we, by choice, make it hard. This stirred up in my mind the importance of a life purpose and how everybody is pushed around to get it.

Our entire lives we are told that we need to go to school in order to receive these diplomas to achieve a purpose. We are told that we must work really hard, we must sweat and it doesn’t matter if we like our lives or not as long as we are on the road to finding a “purpose”. People are desperate to find this unicorn in their lives but I think that we are looking in the wrong directions. We let other people tell us how a purpose should look like, we try to see one on TV or we wait for one without doing anything. We fail to realize the fact that we should be our heroes and we should build this purpose by ourselves. Nobody can know you better than yourself.

The moment you are born you are granted a purpose. You are your purpose. This thing never leaves your side for a moment. Go look in a mirror and know that you are looking at your purpose. You will see this entity reflected back at you. The person you see is the sum of all your talents. Inside yourself, you will find talents and needs. Fulfill your needs by using your talents and that is your purpose. We need to ask ourselves what are our core needs and what can we do to satisfy them.

The only way to know if you are doing the right thing to fulfill yourself is by looking at how complicated your life is. Pain comes when we do things that we are not able to do. Sometimes I imagine how would it be like if I wanted to become a painter. I googled “famous paintings” and I began drawing one. These are my results.


The pictures speak for themselves. I don’t think I have to say which one is mine and which one is painted by a famous painter.  That monstrosity is the best I could do. It came to my understanding that I am awful at it. Why would I want to keep painting if I get this kind of results? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to just do something else? Maybe something that is easy for me?

This is where my talents come into play. If I am talented towards something, it’s easy for me to accomplish it. Your life’s purpose should be built around something you can do. If it’s not easy then it is not your purpose. That something must also satisfy all your needs. This way life becomes easy and very enjoyable.

I also discovered that the word “talent” comes from the Greek word “talentum” which means “sum of money”. This should indicate the fact that our abilities are pure gold and can bring us income. “But how?” some people might ask themselves.

It’s easy. You use your talents to satisfy your needs and after that, you think of a way to share your work with as many people as possible. At this moment, the planet houses a huge number of humans. If you can think of a way to attract the attention of people towards your work you can make a living out of it. If only 0,00001 percent of the population appreciates what you do, that is still 75000 people. I believe that there are at least 75000 souls out there that think similarly to how I think. This makes it inevitable to attract the persons I want.

Some people may even say “I have no talent.”. That statement is not true. If you would follow the rule of simplicity you would understand that everything that makes your life more enjoyable secretly holds your abilities.

Take cooking for example. Some people love it and are also great at it. Their talents are put in the dishes they create. For the while they prepare a meal, they just lose themselves and are happy. This is a clear indicator of what they are supposed to do in their lives. They might be that good at cooking because some of them are even the happy owners of one in a million taste buds. Through their sense of taste, they can identify the right combinations of elements. Using their talents they could write revolutionary cookbooks, they could open their own shops or restaurants where they could serve their favorite dishes cooked in a masterful manner. They could even open a YouTube channel about cooking. I know there are thousands of those but every person is unique. Every single person is different so every single channel is different. Through your own personality and your own way of doing things, you can attract your own audience.

I just proved it to myself that I can make my life easy, enjoyable and also earn some income. I think that this is the recipe for happiness. All I have to do now is to get the job that will make all this happen for me. I built a plan that will allow me to achieve my happiness and I have to take action towards completing it.

To get my job I took to an interview today. My new Boss is a very pretentious sort but I wasn’t nervous. I was sure about how I was going to impress. This interview took place in my room. I presented my plan to my new Boss on how I intend to make a better world for as many human beings as possible.

After I got this out of the way, the Boss raised an eyebrow and asked me how much I want. I said a sum and the first reply was “Don’t you think that’s too little for what you intend to do?”. I corrected myself and came with a bigger number. This one was more fitting for the job. I got myself the best employer in The Universe. His name is Life.


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