Every day that passes brings me closer and closer to The Truth, and I will not rest my mind until it gets me there.



Welcome to the Story of Describe, a place where I will share the only story in the world that I know for a fact to be true. I’m Gabriel Ciprian Anca (Describe), an early retired Romanian engineer that represents the voice of a generation. I encourage people to follow their ideas and give up on destructive habits. While most people don’t dare to leave everything behind and start a more satisfying life, I decided to take one for the team and document my journey as I plunge into the unknown. This blog is all about my experience as a young man who quit his job and is trying to pursue his ideas. I am giving my writing to people that find inspiration in what I do and want to follow my example.

How it began

My journey began in 92 when my mother gave birth to me. There is something magical about this decade. Even though we sometimes don’t realize it, being a 90’s kid is a great responsibility. I still chuckle when we call ourselves kids because we are all adults now. We are the last ones that were born before the screens took over the world, but yet close enough to that era to understand everybody. I feel like we have a special mission here. We are the gap between technology and nature, between science and intuition. Sometimes I feel like the 90’s generation is humanity’s last struggle. 

There is something romantic about us. We are people that live in complicated times but we have our roots buried deep in simplicity. We are dreamers. Some of us don’t fit here but this doesn’t mean that we should give up. It’s our responsibility to find a way for expression in this world that is trying to change us. I believe that our mission is to educate the souls that are coming but before we can do that, we must educate ourselves. It’s time to awaken and get prepared. We cannot afford to lose our gift in favor of mindless working. What kind of example are we for the future generations?

What you’ll find here

To win this battle I decided that I can’t be stuck in a 9 to 5 job. Quitting was the best decision I ever made. Life is meant to be lived. My purpose is to share with you what I learned. I want to give you my knowledge in a special manner. To describe my technique I will first ask you something.

Do you know that feeling when you find someone else’s journal? I used to have itchy fingers when it happened. Despite the common belief that journals should be private, I always knew that gems can be found in other people’s minds.

This time you don’t have to feel guilty for your thirst for knowledge. I am purposefully sharing my personal diary with you. My writing is based on my personal life and thoughts. I go down this path because I know that my journey is unique and documenting it will give me the opportunity to bring originality to the table.

I can’t promise that people will find their answer within the content of my writing but I want to be an example for others.


-Mike Sasso

The nickname

As I struggle to embody my true calling, I will be known as Describe. I chose this name for myself because I always enjoyed depicting the world through the use of words. Describing what I learned is my ticket to happiness. If only for a moment, I want everybody to see what I see.


-Pablo Picasso


The purpose of this blog is to prove the following statements:

  1. You can change the world by doing what makes you happy
  2. You can achieve personal goals while helping others at the same time
  3. You can improve your life by keeping track of your thoughts and learning from your past experiences


The core of my philosophy is this:

  1. Everybody has a gift that must be found and harnessed in order to achieve happiness
  2. No man is an island. Our discoveries are useless if we don’t share them
  3. You must take responsibility for your own life. Never settle for what other people decide for you
  4. No matter what happens don’t give up on your dream. Always keep pushing forward

    In short, I’m interested in following my purpose and sharing my experience with everybody. I want to serve as an example. Will I succeed? Will I fail? I have no idea but you can witness me trying.


    – Albert Einstein

    My personal goals

    My work exists only because of reader support. Story of Describe is a free website and will always be free. Your generosity will go a long way. To prove it to you, allow me to share some of my objectives:

    • The main goal is to be able to make a living as a writer since I currently have no other means to support myself.
    • I want to keep improving, write about it and share my message with you.
    • A chunk of your support will be used to help my parents with their debt to the bank. Living in poverty forced them to make a loan that served as means to buy a home. This measure turned into an issue eventually, as it kept this family apart for too long. My mother has been working in a foreign country for 11 years now. I want to bring her back to us. My father is struggling with depression as he comes to a monthly conclusion that our money is not enough. These two people are my saints and I want to see them happy.
    • After everything settles, I’ll want to begin traveling the world. I am sure this will make me a better human being and I want to be the one that brings back the good news to everybody. In my travels, I will also search for the place where I will build a self-sustainable home. Everybody needs a place to live in, and I currently have none of my own.
    • The plan is to document the entire journey. My objective is to live up to my own definition of success and write about every single step I took in becoming my greatest version. I want my journal to be an inspiration to all the other human beings who want to do the same but they have that something holding them back. I know how hard it is to jump.

    Help out a fellow human being,

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