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Welcome to the Story of Describe!

You arrived at the place where you will hopefully learn how to make the transition between an unrewarding existence and living to your full potential. If you’ve ever felt like there must be more to life, this blog can offer you some answers. I’m Gabriel Ciprian Anca (Describe), the author and publisher of the site.

A while ago, I woke up to the reality that I want to be free. I mustered the courage to plunge into the unknown and I am curently documenting my journey on this blog. My objective is to live up to my own definition of success and write about every single step I took in becoming my greatest version. I figured that there is no better way to help other people than sharing my example. To build my message I share my Personal Diary, and I write about Quitting Your Job and Philosophy&Spirituality. To find out more, keep reading down below about each category.


– Dr. Seuss


This is the place where I document every step of my journey. My moves, my reactions, my emotions and everything that happened ever since I decided to quit my job and follow the path to my wildest dreams. I want to help others make the same transition by simply sharing my own story. I am giving you my knowledge and the experience associated with it. Each diary entry represents a piece of the puzzle and holds in some of the wisdom I accumulated. Make sure not to skip on any of them!

The Beginning

This is where you go if you are new here and you want to join me on this journey


If you are already familiar with this place, continue reading my latest posts

Quitting Your Job

When I began my journey I discovered that my job was dragging me down. If I wanted to be happy I couldn’t continue doing what was killing me. I wrote this category for people who want to make a change and don’t know how. For those of you who are happy with your jobs, just know that I am happy for you.


My beliefs are the cornerstone of everything I am trying to build. When things don’t look so good for me, I have faith that keeps me going. This is why I believe everybody should find that something they trust.

The more we share, the more we have!

From time to time we find a cause that is worth fighting for. If that particular thing brings value to us and the world we believe in, then it’s a pity to let it die. Whatever sends a buzz up our spine, moves and determines us to act, it’s worth investing in. I found my cause and I need help to keep going…

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